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Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Last summer we got to spend some time in Santa Fe. I was enchanted! I knew as soon as I got off the plane. Flying in from the Dallas airport into Santa Fe was a culture shock! Dallas is HUGE, one of the largest airports and Santa Fe is tiny probably one of the smallest! Very different from anyplace else I had ever been!  The colors of the landscape are breathtaking! From the terra cotta color of the earth to the mountains that seem to change color all day, orange to pink to purple. There are large bushes of lavender growing everywhere their cool sage green leaves and lovely purple flowers look so perfect in this landscape. There is an amazing smell of, I think, mesquite in the air.  The days are hot and the nights are cool. The heat in Santa Fe is different from Florida, there is no humidity. So no matter how hot it gets, if you stepped into the shade it felt comfortable!

We got to stay in this amazing Adobe house updated and modern, absolutely wonderful! The house was beautifully and thoughtfully decorated, so comfortable and inviting, cool granite counter tops warm radiant heated wood floors! The kitchen was gorgeous, I would have been happy even if all I got to do was stay in this house and cook in this kitchen! A large Adobe wall surrounded the tiny yard but it felt so cozy and private even though the houses were very close together. There were echinacea flowers and roses, beautiful vines growing along the covered porch. Large swags of beautiful dried red chili peppers hung in every doorway.

During our stay we went white water rafting down the Rio Grande. Driving up towards Taos the mountains got larger and more magnificent! Mountains always make me feel humble and these were no different they took my breath away!  Richie, our guide, was great! I think he could have navigated down the Rio with his eyes shut! What a wonderful way to take in the scenery and atmosphere of this amazing place! We even got to take a dip in the Rio in a calm area of the river. Everything about this place seems so healing and nourishing I can understand why one of my favorite artists, Georgia OKeefe, called it home.

Hummingbird tree

Hummingbird tree

Richie told us we should check out this little restaurant named El Paragua in  Espanola. When we pulled into the parking lot we parked under this beautiful flowering tree and to our surprise it was covered with hummingbirds, I  have never seen so many in one place! It was beautiful!  El Paragua started as a roadside stand created by two entrepreneurial boys and was supported by thier parents. It is still family owned and operated and has been in operation since 1966. The food was amazing,  I wish I had some homemade plum jam and sop papilla right now! If you ever find yourself 24 miles north of Santa Fe you must check it out! You won’t be disappointed! Www.elparagua.com

There is something I love about Santa Fe, a different kind of vibe!

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