Just Wandering

Today Scott and I are on our own, Jerry has to work. We have no car so we wander around checking things out withinin walking distance. We are looking for a nearby beach. We find a beautiful little marina, we find a little park. Remember I still have a lot of weakness in my legs so we can’t walk too far. The sky is looking ominous. We better head back, never find the beach.

We head back to the Metro and play some penny slots at the casino. I was playing with a $10 voucher the hotel gave me. At one point I was up $16! Then I quickly lost it all. I don’t think I’m cut out for gambling! It’s lunch time now so we head back to the Metro. We found our friend Linda there. She talks us into trying the croquetas, delicious little ham filled pastries(not really a pastry) more of a doughy fried treat. I have mofongo de pollo with mushroom sauce, it is like mashed plantains and cassava stuffed with chicken, very good indeed. Scott had the can can pork, this is a huge pork chop, the fat is left on and cooked to a crispy deliciousness! This food is very good but I am surprised that with all the abundant vegetation here, the cuisine is not bursting full of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables. Linda orders spaghetti, what!? Why would you order spaghetti in Puerto Rico? Interestingly enough Linda travels quite a bit and explains how she likes to order spaghetti in different places because you can get it just about anywhere and it always has a local twist and flavor to it. Turns out she was right, her spaghetti came with a light brown sauce and it had potatoes in it. More like a stew on pasta than the traditional Spaghetti and meatballs I grew up with. In the future I might have to try this. As for now I enjoy finding Puerto Rican foods that I am unfamiliar with.

We are still pretty tired so we spend the rest of the day hanging out by the pool, swimming and relaxing. The next few days are jam packed with adventure. So we better rest up!

Chia Me!



I hate to admit it, but I think I am addicted to Chia, I love it! Big Train Spiced chai. I love the smell, I love the taste. I enjoy it hot, even now in the dog days of summer. It seems so exotic, so decadent, like a grown up version of hot chocolate. Seems like a wonderful break in the middle of the day to just relax for a moment with a warm comforting cup of chai! An afternoon delight! I am really trying to cut back on my sugar intake, so I am convinced I should cut it out of my diet. I know it is not healthy, I know it’s loaded with sugar, I know it has caffeine. Always on a diet, always doing without, I feel like a naughty, rebellious kid when I sit down with my vice, my cup of chai!

I justify it by feeling that it curbs my appetite and gives me some much needed energy at 2:30pm. So maybe, just maybe I can work off the 170 calories! Is this ok? Am I just kidding myself? I think I would be willing to give up a meal just to have it! Ok this is starting to sound like an addiction! I suppose it could be worse…I only drink one small cup a day. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t drink Starbucks. I drink only water the rest of the day. This sounds desperate! So silly! I think I need a cup of chai!!!! Ahh