So…I wanted to tell you about my awesome first “gig” playing my cello, that happened last week. I wanted to tell you all the great medical test results I have been receiving. I wanted to tell you about a new business I am going to start. I wanted to tell you of the wonderful concert I was supposed to go to last Wednesday but, IRMA!

As it turns out we seem to be right in the crosshairs of the largest hurricane on record, Irma. The last few days have been very strange indeed. Getting supplies and feed. Cleaning and organizing. Boarding up windows. Sleepless nights as this thing approaches. There’s no leaving, the roads are parking lots. As early as Thursday fuel was scarce, grocery store shelves were bare, people were getting crazy! The hurricane will be here late Sunday early Monday. We are as prepared as we can be. We have generators so we should be able to run our well pump and keep the refrigerator on. I have all my water jugs and water troughs filled up just in case. I think we have plenty of fuel. We got charcoal for the grill. Flashlights and batteries. We have lived in Florida for many years so this is not our first “rodeo”. We live inland so we are not too worried about flooding. Our biggest problem is usually power outages, we had no power for 7 days one year.

The animals are prepared. Horses have plenty of hay and water. They have pieces of cloth with my phone number braided into their manes and tails. I wrote info on their hooves with a sharpie. They will be wearing leather halters with info attached. They will be able to go in and out of the barn as they choose. They have waterproof bug spray on, the mosquitos are already awful. They will wear fly masks to protect their eyes from debris. The biggest concern is trees falling on fences and them getting out and frightened. The front get will be chained.

We have put all the lawn furniture away. Put metal on our windows. Parked the cars by the house, not under the trees. And I have been cleaning everything! Is it just me? When ever I feel tense I want to clean! Not to mention I am a nose person, I am very particular about smells and when the power is off for a few days well, it gets kinda musty in here. That makes me crazy! So I am pouring bleach down drains. I made carpet dust with borax and essential oils. Scrubbing sinks, tubs, and toilets. Mopping floors. Laundry, lots of laundry! This helps to calm me and helps me get everything organized. I like to be methodical in my approach. I know that when one area is cleaned and organized I know I’m done with that area.

I’m pretty sure that were we live this will all just be a huge annoyance. A whirlwind of work and worry. Because of the evacuations from South Florida and crazy traffic I missed seeing Apocolyptica a group of four cellos, in Orlando last Wednesday. I was really looking forward to this. I had already purchased my tickets and probably won’t get my money back, bummer! I have to put my exciting new business plans on hold. And I have to spend extra money on all these storm preparations. I hope we don’t lose any of our beautiful old oaks. I pray that all will be safe. We do have plenty of wine…wish us luck!

Well, Well, Well…

We have been working nonstop on the farm. Putting in irrigation and electric to the out buildings. Although this is a lot of work in this hot sweltering weather,  when its all said and done it will be so worth it! I am so sick of dragging kinking hoses and extension cords around the yard. You should hear me cussing when I drag that hose all the way down to were I need it and then, right when I get there, the water stops because of a kink, or four, all the way back at the faucet, its not a pretty sight! Lol I’m not even sure how many hoses Jerry has run over with the lawn mower.  All I know is we have a stack of patched together hoses! We spent most of the week digging trenches and getting wire and pipes. Connecting all this and hooking up waterers and sprinklers. I can’t wait to flip the switch! Yay! Everything works! No leaks! Ahh finally, no more hoses. Peace of mind with automatic waterers. I feel a sense of relief. It will be so nice when we go out of town to know that the animals will have fresh clean water. Not that my pet sitter doesn’t keep everything in perfect order but, why not make it easier for everyone?

I have been trying to make everything around here as easy and efficient as I can. Having a farm and animals is a lot of work as it is. So why not make it as easy as possible? Being sick last year and having trouble doing a lot of my regular chores made this more apparent to me. Why struggle with a sore back and bending over when you can easily set up a wash table for the dogs? Why drag hoses when you can just turn on a faucet? Why make more work for yourself? Work smarter, not harder! Finally it is happening! It is so rewarding to look back on all this hard work and know it is done.

Wait a minute…not so fast…After working all day in the hot sun and coming in for the evening, enjoying a good shower…the water stopped! The well is not working! No water! All right I guess there is never a good time for your well to go out, but now… REALLY? We are gonna have to sleep on this one. You don’t really know how much you need water until it’s gone. No coffee, no tea, no toilet!

So all day we are working on this well. Methodically pulling heavy steel pipes out of the ground. Sixty feet, foot by foot. We use an engine lift, a chain fall, and vice grips. The danger here is dropping it down into the well and losing everything, pipes, pump, and all. In hindsight, the well has been acting up, so I guess it wasn’t a total surprise, but still. THIS SUCKS! We find out that the bottom pipe has a hole in it and the water was running out of the tank right back down into the ground. Luckily the pump seems to be ok. Next we have to get new pipes. Then methodically put it all back together piece by piece and lower it back down into the ground. Eight hours later…we have water! Yes! I am so lucky to have these handy guys, I honestly don’t know how I would do it without them! So again, happiness and relaxation set in from a job well done. Shower time! I go to get in the lovely, much anticipated shower. Nice water pressure! Ahh…wait, what is going on the pressure is getting weaker and I can’t get this white soap to rinse off? WAIT! It’s not soap, it’s pipe dope! It’s all over me!  Apparently my shower was the last in the pipe line so all the excess pipe dope (glue) ended up there! We had to take the shower head off and wash it out, it will be fine. I scrubbed the pipe dope off and I will be fine. Just another day on the farm.