Let me introduce myself


Fond memories

Fond memories

February 11, 2015
Welcome! Let me introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth and I live an amazing life! I want to record it and share some of the things I have learned over my lifetime. First and foremost this blog will be about my life, food, friends, and fun!
These are strictly my views and experiences of this crazy journey we call life! I am a personal chef and I would love to tell the story of how I got here. I am so grateful for the life I lead. Being able to prepare and share wonderful food is a passion of mine.
I live on a 10 acre farm with two guys, my wonderful husband Jerry and our best friend Scott. Our jobs allow us flexibility and the opportunity for many great adventures and travel.

Growing up, my Mother was an amazing cook, it was her life. She spent most of her time in the kitchen whipping up new and tasty things for us to eat. My Dad, being Italian, always ate strange things like tripe and head cheese yuck! We were exposed to many interesting and wonderful foods. We almost never ate out. This was the environment I grew up in.

Preparing delicious food for us meant so much to my mother. As long as I can remember I have had a love/hate relationship with food. I have always struggled with my weight and it was often difficult to not devour the amazing food my Mom made, I felt guilty if I didn’t eat everything on my plate!

So many memories of my Mom cooking and baking weeks in advance of any holiday. Always trying to talk me into helping her. I had horses and was way too busy outside to help much! I just didn’t understand. I remember her watching Julia Child’s on tv, one of the only cooking shows on at the time, she loved it! She even had a tiny tv in her kitchen mounted under the cabinet. How she would have enjoyed all the cooking shows we have today! She was always collecting cookbooks and kitchen gadgets. In fact I have inherited her Kitchenaid mixer!
My Mom had a long history of illness and was always in and out of the hospital. I remember her stopping at the grocery on her way home from a lengthy hospital stay to pick up things to cook when she got home! A very strong woman! Her illnesses finally got the best of her and she passed in 1993.
So often we take things for granted. For me the holidays were all about the food and the fond memories of the wonderful dishes my Mom made. I realized after she was gone that if I wanted these things I would have to make them myself. I also wanted my own daughter to have these experiences. So it was up to me!

If you love my posts, please share. I ask that you keep all wording, links and credits intact. Thank you!

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