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Wow! These are definitely some strange days!
Frustration, confusion, and disgust have been the norm around here lately. Everyone is out of sorts due to this Coronavirus. I am actually not sure what I think about it?

I am considered high risk due to my health issues, so I am trying to be cautious. I like a good challenge so I took it on as a time to really be good to myself. I have been working out, planted a garden and been allowing myself down time to just really relax and be grateful for my life. I’m not good at relaxing, but I am learning.

Actually my life is not so different, we live in a rural area not very affected by the virus. Our neighborhood is small 6 houses down a mile long dirt road. We get together and have backyard cookouts and go riding atvs. I am outside working horses, playing with the dogs, or gardening most days. Our little family is very germ conscious. For weeks I didn’t go to the grocery or feed store, my husband went. So things were going along well. However as the restrictions are loosened and I go out more, I am finding it ridiculously stressful!
We wear masks and depending on the situation (gas stations) gloves, we keep social distances, we sanitize everything that comes in the house, wash and sanitize our hands. Toilet paper and cleaning supplies are still hard to get. This is all getting very tiresome. Masks are awkward and uncomfortable I find that I touch my face so much more adjusting my mask then I ever did before. Some people appreciate you wearing a mask and some people hate you for wearing them. With lots of places still closed you are forced into the few things that are opened so there are tons more people herded together like cattle into stores and the check out lines. I am forced to be around more people and for longer amounts of time then ever before!
What is up with the plexiglass? Unless you are coughing or sneezing in someone’s face what is that doing? All the clerks I see have to reach around them anyway, hand you your possibly contaminated change and/or have to come around them to scan your items. The other day I ran into a store looking for a specific birthday gift, couldn’t find it, however I found some deodorant that I needed, went to the checkout saw the line of 50 people, put the deodorant back and left! Not wearing any deodorant will help with keeping social distance! I’m all about trying to be safe and not spread the virus I’m just not sure what’s going on? Now remember we do live in a rural area so we are not seeing first hand all the people struggling with this virus but people around here are either very cautious or they don’t believe it at all. The people that don’t believe it seem so angry and think you are being manipulated by the government if you are wearing a mask. People are on edge. I watch how my friends and family are dealing with all this. We are all tired. The news is not helping with their flip flopping information and underlying agendas. Are we being controlled or are we protecting ourselves and our loved ones? Memorial Day 2020… What would the people who died for our freedom think of all this? I am amazed at all the mixed messages, does anyone really know what’s going on?

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