A Matter of Choice

A few weeks ago I received a notice for Jury Duty in the mail. For some reason jury duty strikes panic and fear into just about everyone. I saw the mailer and was thinking, “Oh no! I have so much to do! Now I have to stop what I’m doing and go to this?! How can I get out of it??? I mentioned it to a few people and everyone was like, “Oh that sucks! Sorry about your luck.” I’m pretty sure they were just thankful that it wasn’t them. So, my mind started racing, what to do?

I have been to jury duty before about six years ago, it wasn’t actually that bad. Believe it or not I kind of enjoyed it. It was very interesting to see how our justice system works. Luckily it was all done in one day, jury selection, trial, deliberation, and results. Would I get that lucky again? As I settled into the thought of having to go again, I realized it is more about attitude. Jury Duty is usually not fun or very exciting but it is our civil duty, and it is not that awful! I just decided to be positive and go with an opened and curious mind, just a change of pace from my every day routine. A small inconvenience for this wonderful country that we live in.

I must say I am a little apprehensive because of my health issues. Not that they are bad… but if I get sequestered for days, yikes! So I get some paper work together about my health and head off to the court house early Monday morning. As I am driving there I am kind of feeling good, something new and different to learn about. It was easy getting in, no lines or waiting. Walked right in and sat down. A nice little lady came in and talked with us about what to expect, luckily there where only two short trials scheduled for today. This nice little lady also said that if there is any reason that we might have any problems about serving talk to the judge. So I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do? I felt kind of ashamed about trying to get out of my civic duty. And actually I didn’t really want to, but I was just worried about anything happening to make the trial last for days. So as the line of people trying to get out of duty got shorter I stood up and brought my paperwork confirming my stage 4 cancer and talked to the judge. I told her I wasn’t trying to get out of Jury Duty, I was just concerned about the length of the trial. She said I was excused (cancer card finally came in handy! Lol) but she assured me the two trials coming up today would be short and I could stay if I wanted.

So here I am…I could stay or I could go. What should I do? I already decided I would stay, but now I have been granted the ability to leave. There are so many other things I could be doing today. But I am already here. So far the process has been smooth and easy. Ok… I’ve decided… I think? I’m staying! Looking forward to whats ahead, I hope it’s interesting, I hope I get picked. About 15 minutes go by and the nice little lady comes back in. She says, ” Don’t you just love it when things come together?” Then she told us we were all dismissed! Crazy how some things work out. So I served my duty and got home to enjoy the day by 10 am. So it certainly wasn’t that bad at all, crazy!

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