Ok, let me back up. Before hurricane Irma blew in I had a few exciting things going on. First of all I had some tests done. I was finally ready to really start getting my health back into my own hands. I went to an office that does alternative as well as western medicine. I saw a nurse practitioner there. I liked her very much. For those of you that don’t know about alternative health care, the doctors really take their time asking you questions and really trying to get to the cause of your issues. That is very comforting to me because I feel like they get to know you a little before just doling out a bunch of drugs. I am in a place now mentally and physically that I want to get back into shape. I still don’t have the muscle strength or endurance I had before my cancer. I have been having a lot problems with my shoulder (pain) and my thigh (neuropathy) that is not helping. I also wanted to know how my bones were, fragile, strong, brittle? They sent me for an x-ray, extensive blood tests and per my request a bone density test. I bought a supplement called Restore to help my body get going again.

I am excited to tell you my tests all came back great! My blood work  looked almost as good as it did pre cancer! My X-rays showed only soft tissue damage in my shoulder! And my bone density test was awesome I am .1% less likely than other people my age to have a fracture! No more Xgeeva! Watch out horses! It won’t be long now before I am back in the saddle again! This is all very reassuring and now I know I can work on these things. I am going to a physical therapist and an Alexander Technique teacher to help with my shoulder. I do have some damage in my spine, thinning of my discs that is probably causing the problem with my thigh. I am going to see a neuropathist soon but in the meantime I am using some essential oils and taking vitamin E, lions mane mushroom, and turmeric to try and support the nerves. It feels good to be trying to help myself, thats just who I am!

I also got to play my first cello “gig” it was so much fun! I played the Beatles songs, Imagine and Let it Be, with my friends Chris and Jim at The Backyard Barn. Im not sure how good it sounded? But it was a first for me and although I have to admit I was a little nervous it was a great experience that I will never forget! Things are looking up!

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