I think we are in the midst of an epidemic. An epidemic of nonsense. It is so sad to see people being so petty and disrespectful to everyone and everything. We live in a small town and even here I am seeing people with no patience or tolerance for anything. What happened? Where is the kindness and understanding? We have no real traffic where we live but people are so impatient, honking and going around you, or worse, flipping you off for not having the pedal to the metal constantly. Lord forbid you take a moment to get going at a stop light! People are angry and rude so much these days. I remember when the news was actually news. When it was reported facts, not he said she said garbage. Now it is all about entertainment and what sells. People make big deals out of nothing. And then when there is a big deal it gets over hyped so much people are always disappointed.

The other day we had an eclipse. It was really cool and kind of magical. We were at home, on our little farm, working in the yard and we stopped what we were doing and took it all in. We saw the strange change in the light, we grabbed our glasses and watched as the moon crossed in front of the sun. We laughed at the dogs running around like crazy playing in the field and we reflected on this interesting phenomenon. It didn’t get totally dark here because we are in Florida but it changed enough. You could feel a little shift in the blazing heat of the day. It takes you out of your everyday routine to maybe…just for a moment… realize there is something bigger out there. Maybe we should be grateful for what we have. Maybe we should stop all this hate and complaining. Maybe we should take responsibility for our actions and stop blaming and finding fault with others. In other words, stop the nonsense. Stop feeding it! But unfortunately, I saw so many people complaining on social media saying the eclipse was a disappointment. Really? The moon moving in front of the sun was a disappointment? I guess with all the hype leading up to it, to make money, the only thing that would have made people happy, and feel they got their moneys worth was if the moon blew up or collided with the sun or something!

I can’t do it! I refuse to fall into all this nonsense. It is a sticky trap! There are so many real, important things to occupy my time. What happened to stopping to smell the roses? Bigger isn’t always better. You know, it truly is the little things that make me the happiest.

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