All week it has been work, work, work. I am exhausted. Just gathering all the supplies and building materials, trying to keep everything organized, lists upon lists of stuff to get done before we leave. This is the most I have done in a while. Not to mention the heat, the heat is stifling here at this time of the year. I have been slowly recovering, but I’m not sure how hard to push myself? I am consumed with getting things done. Can’t even think about or anticipate actually going away. Work, work, work!

Tickets are purchased. We will be leaving this week! Can we do it? Can we get all this stuff accomplished in a few short days? Two days before we leave the dog kennel is not finished but serviceable. We can use it. We will have to run hoses and extension cords out to it but it will work! Will the dogs be ok in it? Did I mention these are our beloved house pets(aka spoiled!)? I don’t want them to be distressed. So we put a little window unit ac in the enclosed 6×10′ room to keep them cool. They have a doggie door (which they don’t know how to use) to get out on the porch area which is 10×14′. They have an automatic waterer. I even got them doggie hammocks to snooze in! We have no time to let them get used to it or how it will work. It is amazing! It’s not totally finished but it looks great! I wouldn’t mind moving in there myself! We test it out on a few short trips into town. It works! They seem ok!

Day before we leave. The well is acting up, our water has a disgusting red tint to it, lots of air in the pipes. I hope it will hold out until we get back. Everything seems to be taking longer, I am so tired and just want to sit down. I am constantly cleaning up one mess after another. Muddy feet, wet floors, spilled milk. Will I ever be able to pack? Maybe I should just stay home?

Everything seems to be done. I must focus on packing. I actually start to get excited about going! Tomorrow we are going to Puerto Rico! My weary mind and aching body need this!

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