IMG_2129I must say today I am grateful for hair. It’s a funny thing how people just don’t appreciate what they have until it is gone. So funny, I never really thought about my hair that much before. I never spent a whole lot of time primping and curling or straightening and perming. I pretty much kept it kinda short so I could wash it, put some product in and go! When it went away, I found myself looking a lot at peoples hair. I would notice things like all the nurses in the infusion center had gobs and gobs of hair. I mean lots. Weaves and wigs or whatever! But they all seemed to have a whole lotta hair! Maybe because they worked with hair challenged people all day they really went above and beyond with their own!

My hair is really starting to come back in now and it is so cool. The color looks just like my puppies coat, so right now I am sporting the Griff look! Down the road I may try some  color, blue or purple or maybe both! It is still really short but oh so thick and luxurious! Lol! It’s kinda like a new toy running my fingers through it, is so much fun! I was really surprised how much hair regulates your temperature. It really does help keep you warmer in cool weather and, I believe, cooler in warm weather. It is kinda cool seeing the changes and transformations it is going through. I’m just leaving it alone and seeing what its gonna do right now. Someone even gave me a compliment on my hair yesterday! One of the hardest things for me through my treatment was losing my eyelashes and brows. That was just weird and hard to pull off. But thanks to Wink, my eyelashes are coming back thicker and darker than before. My eyebrows are looking great, almost totally back! Thank you, Wink! I absolutely love this product and this company!

ALL my hair is coming back! Hair I didn’t even realize I lost, nose hair, arm hair. Its all coming back! I did enjoy the nice break from shaving my legs and arm pits but I’m not gonna complain! I was actually threatening to never shave again and just embrace ALL my hair! But on second thought, I just don’t think the Grizzly Adams look would work for me. It feels really good to be getting  back to normal even if that means shaving every night. It sure is nice to start recognizing the person in the mirror! Looking more like myself makes me feel more like myself and that makes me happy. Summer fun here I come!

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