It’s Happening

Finally… as I am sitting here writing this, my big dog McKenzie, is playing with the puppy, Tallula! It is crazy how a newcomer can disrupt the whole house! McKenzie has been acting aloof but tolerant. Oliver has actually been a little more willing but the puppy is really too rough for him, he is a little old chihuahua half deaf and half blind. I was beginning to wonder if this was just how it was gonna be? Adult dogs in one room hiding under the bed, puppy controlling the rest of the house. I think they were hoping the puppy would disappear and acting like I was awful for bringing this little thing with razor teeth home and giving it so much attention. They sure know how to make you feel guilty! With their coy attitudes and the “How could you?” looks. Believe me I have been trying to share the love, but with them hiding under the bed and the puppy demanding so much attention, its been hard! One reason I got the pup, she is a Wire Haired Pointing Griffon like McKenzie, is because I absolutely love McKenzie so much. I want her to be happy, so this is a great day!

I was actually hoping McKenzie and Tallula would be best buddies. I hope some of McKenzies amazing personality will rub off on the pup. I want to take them to the park and on hikes together, maybe some dog trials. This is so cool! McKenzie seems to be having fun and she is wearing Tallula out, which is good news for me! Believe it or not, all this disruption in the house wears me out! Feed this one over here, take that one out now, put up the gate, take down the gate, make sure everyone gets treats and plenty of attention. I am always the peace keeper, trying to keep everything and everyone moving along smoothly. I am happiest when everybody in my care is happy and healthy. So I think today shows promise. I guess they (the adult dogs) are figuring out that she (Tallula) is not going away. If you can’t beat em’, join em’! The animals are easy, the people… not so much.

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