Hair it comes

Wow this stuff really does work! I have been using Wink on my eyelashes and eyebrows for 12 days. I have been applying it every night before I go to bed and every morning they look so much better. It’s so easy to apply you just twist the pen and oil comes up on the brush, you just brush it across your brows and the hairline of your lids. I haven’t had any issues with irritation or anything. My eyelashes seem to be coming in thicker than before and I don’t really think I need to pencil in my eyebrows anymore. They are still short but seem to be growing more as you are reading this! My eyelashes are about 2-3 millimeters and my brows are about 1-2 millimeters already, now remember I started with nothing. I love supporting a wonderful company like this. And I definitely recommend this stuff let me know what you think. Wink!

The days of not having to shave my legs is almost over. Yay! Just in time for summer, ugh.  It was a nice break. Now that I am on this estrogen blocker I may be having to shave my beard and mustache and chest as well, ya never know, I am Italian! The hair on my head is finally getting thicker and darker, I was beginning to think I would look like that albino cactus forever! It is still really, really short, I’d say about ½ an inch or so, but thats ok no more need for hats. I am feeling pretty brave! I am really interested what color it actually will come in as I’ve heard people say it can come back in a completely different color than you had before, I wonder if I can put in a request!

It is pretty crazy the way your body tries to heal itself if you just give it the chance and maybe a little support. I have learned to love my body in a whole new way.

2 thoughts on “Hair it comes

  1. Linda delucian says:

    You just never cease to amaze me. As my dear friend and author, Kathy Almeida says “its all about attitude “


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