It’s Here!

IMG_1981The Amalie package arrived! I am so excited! I will start applying it tonight. Don’t be scared, creepy eye picture, but as I told you I will keep a picture journal of how it’s working. Almost no eyebrows or eyelashes, day one. I can’t believe how quickly it came. The mail these days is amazing. I actually love getting things in the mail. The anticipation of waiting for a package feels like Christmas did when I was a kid. I never pay for faster shipping and it almost always arrives sooner than I expect. Its almost fun guessing how long a parcel is going to take to arrive. I certainly was not expecting my Amalie package to arrive so quickly, this company is amazing!

As much as I did not sign up for this whole cancer thing, I am impressed by the kindness I am finding in people. From the thoughtful gestures of strangers to the friend I have in India that texted me through some of the scariest times in the beginning of my illness with his wise and witty humor, maybe I just needed a good ol jostling! Friends that have come back into my life that I had lost touch with to the new friends I am meeting. Offers of generosity and kindness. Getting cards of encouragement and little tokens and prayers. You don’t know how much this helped and encouraged me, thank you all. People that are genuinely interested in how I am doing, WOW I am touched.

Kindness really does matter. When you are kind and thoughtful to someone it makes them feel good and they want to be kind and helpful to someone else. I think it brings out the best in people, also it feels good to do something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return. I believe we need more of this in the world today, seems people can be so quick to jump on the negativity train. Don’t do it! I don’t think being kind is being wimpy or a pushover in fact I think that being kind and thoughtful in the face of fear and adversity is very powerful. Those little acts of kindness do make a difference.

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