Oh Geez!

IMG_1988Well it happened, my eyelashes have fallen out. So very strange. I just thought that because the hair on my head is making a definite attempt to grow back in, I assumed that my other hair would be doing the same. Well you know what they say about assuming… anyway I am happy with the hair on my head. It is about 3 millimeters long and I am growing real hair now, not that crazy chemo hair! It was scary, all kinky and white I looked like an albino cactus! But it was something so I was happy to have it. Last night Jerry convinced me to clip it off. Very, very carefully we used a number two blade and just trimmed off all that wild white hair. I am pleased. My hair is getting darker and thicker now. I don’t feel so bald! I have even gone out without my hat a few times!

I was very disappointed the other day when my eyebrows went south, but I bought a few eyebrow pencils and I think I am doing pretty good. Not one to wear makeup but as an artist I think they are looking ok. But now my eyelashes have left, this was kind of devastating, for the moment. I tried some fake ones, not for me. To me they look fake and they kind of itch. So right now I am just using eyeliner, it will do. I am not a fancy lady and I can get down and dirty with the rest of them but GEEZ! THIS SUCKS! I know I have said this before, I don’t think I am being vain but I am feeling better so I would just like to look better! I do realize this is temporary and all my hair will grow back. But this just seems to be adding insult to injury.

So I went on the internet and started looking up natural remedies to encourage hair growth. Lots of coconut oil, castor oil, and what not. Then I came across Amalie, they make a product specifically for eyelashes and eyebrows called Wink. WOW this stuff sounds awesome, wonderful natural ingredients. They even donate this product to cancer warriors during the month of October. It is made in the USA, it is vegan, cruelty free, and 99% organic. I MUST TRY THIS! However since I haven’t been working and I am spending gobs of money on health care and insurance this was not going to happen 😦 not right now anyway. And by October my hair will be all grown in. So back to the coconut oil for me. I contacted the Amalie company just to see if they ever offered coupons or specials on this product. They got in touch with me almost immediately and told me I would not be paying for Wink and they shipped me some the very next day! WOW, I am so touched. Really, I never expected that, they haven’t even seen my pictures! What a cool company. I can’t wait to try this product. I will start using it tonight! I am going to keep you updated and keep a picture journal of how well it works. Thank you, thank you, Amalie!

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