What now?

We had a terrible storm pass through last night. Woke everyone in the house up at three am with loud thunder and quiet the light show. I think we may have even gotten a bit of hail. I have always enjoyed a good storm, the power of nature is amazing! And we sure  needed the rain. As I lay in bed, wide wake, I was thinking it is spring a time of renewal. This spring storm is bringing much needed energy to all the plants and animals here. Things are getting greener everyday on the farm,  babies are being born, flowers are blooming, a new beginning, for me too! It has been a rough few months and I am ready to be over all this cancer drama and move on. Finally I fell back to sleep.

So I wake up refreshed and renewed. Knowing that I am five weeks out from my last chemo treatment, knowing my body is healing and repairing itself, I know this because I feel stronger every day. Ready to move forward and get motivated for whatever wonderful adventure is next. Ready to face a new day. Wait! What is this I see in the mirror as I am brushing my teeth? My eyebrows are all but gone! Like little wooly bear caterpillars they marched right off my face while I was sleeping! You gotta be kidding me! I knew they were kinda sparse but I thought I was done losing hair, I thought things were getting better!? Isn’t it bad enough that I am still almost bald? At least the hair on my head is trying to make a comeback! This absolutely SUCKS! So now I am feeling better but looking worse! This just isn’t even funny! Come on already haven’t I been through enough!? What more does this stupid cancer have to take from me? As an artist maybe I can paint some on? But if you see me walking around looking like a clown just don’t say anything, I know, I know…Oh no! I wonder how long my eyelashes are gonna hang in there???

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