Well…part four, the story is not over

November started in the hospital. Four days of testing and more testing. Still no solid answers. Blood disorder? Platelet transfusions, more blood, cat scans, more bruising. Swollen spleen, why? Fear of the unknown. Could be this, could be that? For some reason my body was not making blood or platelets, which are the things that help your blood clot, thats why I was bruising so easily! My doctor ordered a bone marrow test, I was terrified, I had heard how awful this can be. I must say it was not bad at all, it sounds worse than it felt. First of all they give you something to relax you. Then you go to this cold sterile room. You get on a table on your stomach and they numb up your lower back, your already pretty relaxed from the stuff they gave you earlier. Then they take a needle, or something like it, and get some bone marrow from your spine. I didn’t feel a thing. After a few days of transfusions I was strong enough to go home, and finally get a good nights sleep.

All month long was spent running around getting more testing, still feeling weak, this was not fun! Mammograms, biopsies, pet scans. Went for an MRI and ended up almost passing out due to being severely anemic. Ended up back in the hospital, more blood and platelet transfusions. Dr. is still a bit puzzled but it looks like we are closing in on a diagnosis. Stage 4 breast cancer…

What???? You must be kidding. There must be some mistake. WAIT!

There is no time to wait. The doctors told me the cancer was in my bones and I had to get an MRI to make sure the pain in my back was not from tumors impinging on the nerves or I could be paralyzed. The MRI doesn’t hurt but it is very loud and stressful, but it revealed the first good news I received this month which was that there were no tumors pressing on nerves so I wouldn’t need immediate radiation! To be continued

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