Well…I’m not dead yet! Part Two

So as you know, if you follow my blog, my father passed away in August. I had a love/hate relationship with my father, he was kind of like dealing with a porcupine! Caused a lot of stress in my life, but there is still a strange emptiness with his passing.

August is almost a blur and soon turns into September. My back pain comes back, this time radiating into my left hip. I’m thinking that I should get an X-ray because this “pinched nerve” thing just won’t go away. Pain is getting pretty bad, like I can’t roll over in bed. I have to use my arms to get out of bed. Breathing is getting more difficult with any exertion. So off I go to the chiropractor, Xray shows some need of adjustment. With some adjustments, ice therapy, and a back brace, I thought I might be feeling a little better. However this breathing thing was getting worse and now I developed an annoying cough that of course was hurting my back!

September slips into October my favorite time of year, so much to do! Art festivals, cookouts, Oktoberfest, Halloween parties, pumpkins to carve! The weather is wonderful. I am feeling tired and run down, it was a struggle to do anything! I manage, just barely, to make our costumes. Went to a few art shows, walking around I would start to feel weak like I was gonna pass out and would have to sit down, awful! I was having trouble sleeping because of the pain of turning over and this cough. A few more treatments at the chiropractor. Then I started getting chills and running a low grade temperature? Well a pinched nerve does not cause a fever! So I am thinking maybe, just maybe I have a kidney infection…back pain, fever?

Ok so I make an appointment to see my primary doctor, the same place that gave me a glowingly clean bill of health about a year ago. My blood tests all came back great, I was so proud! Just to remind you I have always been a healthy active person so this was no surprise. Things had changed. I am feeling weak and when I look in the mirror I look pale. I have no energy and get out of breath just getting dressed. I felt so weak and generally awful, I could hear my pulse. One day I told Jerry that I feel like I am dying. I had no appetite and was basically just eating fruit. At the doctors office they asked me for a urine sample and they see a little bacteria so they put me on an antibiotic for a week. Fever came back every evening. I started taking iron supplements and B-12 anything to have a little energy. To be continued

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