Well…I’m not dead yet!

I know, I know I haven’t been blogging in a while. And believe me this past year has been quite a journey! It’s still hard for me to believe. And it has taken me a long time to come to terms with this and I really wasn’t even sure until this very minute that I would share any of it with you! My blog is about fun, food, and friends. Our crazy adventures and our travels.  I like to be positive and up beat. This newest adventure has not been fun but I hope it might offer inspiration to those who find themselves in my situation.

Last July things were going along just fine, I was doing yard work, preparing for a wonderful little cookout/get together in our backyard. Kind of hurt my lower back. Jerry and Scott are always throwing their backs out, so this was no big deal. I know we are all getting older! After a few days it seemed to get better. It bothered me off and on for a few weeks, nothing to write home about. It was strange, I could bend right over and touch my toes with no problem, it was getting back up that was a painful problem. But I consider myself pretty tough and I just went about my business, farm chores as usual!

In August we went to Cinncinatti for a week and we drove back in a UHaul, not very comfortable, but I’m not one to complain, I managed! When we got home my mid back and ribs were hurting, sometimes it even seemed hard to take a deep breath. My daily mile long walks with my dog, McKenzie, were getting harder due to my breathing difficulties. I was noticing lots of bruises but I do live on a farm! Off to the acupuncturist I went, saw on TV it was one of the best things for back pain. After a few weeks of acupuncture, cupping, and massage it seemed to be getting better. I started short walks again. My acupuncturist said my skin seemed to be getting a little dry, very strange indeed! To be continued.

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