My Muse

Part of my blogging was supposed to be a journal of sorts to capture the grand journeys and adventures of my life. A funny thing I have noticed is that I am inspired to write about the little things, the day to day things, the mundane. The interesting little moments of my life. Maybe they are less intimidating or maybe it is the little things that matter most,  I’m not sure? But I do believe that my travels are amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have been given. Travel has enriched my life so much and in ways I’m sure I don’t fully understand yet. If you ever have the opportunity to travel, please take it! It has a way of making you appreciate the little everyday things even more!

Last summer when we where in LA, Scott and I took a little walk from the Santa Monica pier to Venice  Beach. We were just strolling along people watching and taking in the views and atmosphere of this interesting place. Pacific Ocean to our right with its balmy sea breezes and sandy beaches and shops and vendors to our left with all kinds of cool and interesting items to entice. I bought a really cool backpack and an awesome hat oh, and a great little sketchbook too!

Food trucks everywhere! People everywhere! Walking, running, eating, biking, sitting, napping, swimming, so much activity! There is every kind of food imaginable there. You wouldn’t have to eat at the same place twice in a year, maybe longer, if you didn’t want to! We have a very limited number of good restaurants where we live and frequent the same few time and time again, not so many choices.

As we approached Venice Beach we got to walk on the very spot they filmed the opening scene for Threes Company, while singing the song of course! We met an amazing artist and she told us how they welcome artists at the beach, they don’t even charge them a fee to set up and sell their wares? This is amazing to me! She gets to sit on the beach everyday painting and selling her art! She told me if I come back, to bring some art with me and she will make space for me! Wow, where I am from it costs more to show your art than you could ever hope to make by selling it! Even though I only spoke to her for a few minutes she touched my life. I bought a painting from her that day and it inspires me every day and has taken my art career in a whole new direction! It is interesting how these synchronicities happen, I hope to see her again one day so I can thank her in person!


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