Time Rolls On


Here in Florida it is getting HOT! Trying to fit in every outdoor activity possible. We haven’t been getting too much rain lately so it has been go, go, go! Gardening, which right now is tons of watering, weeding, and mowing. Working horses, bike riding, kayaking. Summer is here and the heat can get oppressive! Starting to shift all outdoor activities to early morning or after dinner. The chickens are getting big, I guess they are around twelve weeks old now. Starting to let them out in the evenings when we are out in the yard. They are funny little critters each with their own distinct personality! We have one rooster and he is beautiful, and I think we have 4 hens, not sure about one!

Yesterday was such a great day! I had a visit with a wonderful friend, someone I haven’t seen in a very long time! Someone I grew up with! Her name is Charlene and I met her when I was two and she was six. She is from New York and participated in a program called Fresh Air Kids. Every year she would come and stay the summer with my family, in Connecticut. We had so much fun, she was like a big sister to me! Even when we moved to Florida, she came down for a few years. She was 16 the last summer she came to stay and I missed her dearly but time rolls on. We grew up, got jobs, got married, had kids of our own, got lost in our own lives. Funny how things change…or do they?

Yesterday she came to visit. Now mind you we haven’t seen each other in over 30 years, but it seemed just like old times so familiar, so much fun! Reminiscing about all the crazy stuff we did as kids! Pulling taffy with my Mom, riding horses, swimming, drinking out of hoses at the stables that smelled so bad you had to hold your nose! We were outside every day from dawn until dark!!! Wow, brought back such fond memories. She got to meet Jerry and Scott, had to take her on the tour of our little farm, and of course we cooked her dinner, went with chicken Parmesan as I wanted to spend time visiting, not cooking. Very satisfying. What a wonderful day. I sure hope to stay in touch a little better this time!

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