I can’t tell.

Fruits of my labor

Fruits of my labor

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This week has been interesting for me. I consider myself a strong, independent woman. A getter done kinda gal! I like to work hard, play hard, and rest hard too! I don’t mind some time on my own, I actually enjoy it but I do live, work, and travel with two of my best buds, Jerry and Scott. Usually my life is a flurry of activity, cooking, and gardening, and traveling, and working, not to mention taking care of all the animals and plants here. Now it just so happens that this week, I find myself alone.

So what does one do on a 10 acre farm by themselves? Lots of work! I have spent most of the week weeding and trimming and feeding and watering. Sure wish the rain would kick in! I have been cleaning and organizing things I didn’t even know I had! Since I’m the only one here the house is clean, no one to pick up after. Believe me I have gotten tons of stuff done, stuff I didn’t even know needed doing! I get to enjoy all the fruits(literally)of my labor! I can do what I want when I want, luxuriate in the tub or have dinner at 4! Time to contemplate life, love, and the pursuit of happiness!

It seems foreign to me to not have anyone else around…no one else to consider. All this time alone has made me realize a few things, dogs are not good conversationalists, I am very self sufficient, and I don’t like being alone! Hurry back guys! I can’t tell if this is killing me or making me stronger!

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