Just Peachy

New kitchen!

New kitchen!

Right now in Florida it is blueberry and peach season, my favorites! I have some blueberry bushes that are loaded with fruit, they are just taking their sweet time ripening. I also have two peach trees and a nectarine tree that are starting to ripen, they are delicious! I am pretty sure we will eat them all straight off the tree! Luckily we have some “you pick” places right near us. Tomorrow morning I think MacKenzie, my dog, and I will go peach picking. I would love to make some peach and blueberry jam and some cobblers and pies. I love the golden sweet juiceyness of the peaches and the deep blue little berries, they are beautiful together.

Right now the farm is amazing, everything is in bloom or has fruit. It is a bit of work, but it is very rewarding to grow your own food, it just tastes so much better!  Very different from the pale tasteless stuff you buy at the grocery stores. We just did a mini kitchen make over, that is absolutly amazing!  Our kitchen has always been small and never had enough storage or lighting. We all cook, and it was a pain in the neck trying to find stuff. We were actually storing pots and pans in the bathtub and the oven. So when you wanted to cook, to preheat the oven you had to take all the pots out and stack them on the table, then you had no room to prep, ugh! So…We got a large standing cabinet with shelves and doors and we put in a large island with 3 cabinets and drawers underneath. We bought these awesome industrial lights and put two over the island and one over the sink. It feels like a new house!  The kitchen has always been the heart of our house, when people come to visit everyone sits around the kitchen table talking, laughing, cooking, and eating.  Now we have a wonderful, comfortable, and inviting place to play and work in. Right now I have a little time on my hands since Jerry is in California and Scott is in New York, sounds like a good time to organize! Before I leave for LA in a few weeks. Everything is just peachy!!!

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