I may be old fashioned!

Ok, I really like to keep my posts positive and upbeat but I am noticing a trend here lately that I don’t think I like. Lately when we go out to eat the waiters and waitresses are not writing down our orders. I’m all for the environment and saving the trees but I am not impressed! Now these are not super fancy high end restaurants or anything like that, they are busy local places with rather large menus. I am a very forgiving customer, I have waited tables a time or two. I am not super picky or difficult to please, but I know what I like and how I want my food.

So…these are always young, very friendly, perky people taking our order and seemingly trying to impress us by taking our orders like they are chatting with old friends. I just don’t like it…if you order anything a little different, like no tomatoes on your burger or extra dressing for your salad, forget it! My experience so far has not been very good, they ALWAYS forget something. It is annoying when you take the time and know just what you want and they don’t get it right because they didn’t write it down. Not to mention you have no recourse, since it wasn’t written down, that I did order that burger with no bun! Call me old fashioned but please, please, please! Stop making me waste food I didn’t want and write down my order! Work on other ways to save trees like recycling!

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