Pickin and a Grinin!

Berry good!

Berry good!

Where we live it’s blueberry season. Everywhere you look there are you pick signs, enticing you in to get some of these delicious little jewels. Blueberry bushes are beautiful with their silvery green foliage and the varying shades of blue/purple berries. They are one of those foods that are not only delicious they are power packed full of healthiness too! They serve as a major antioxidant source because of their high vitamin C content, they are also anti-inflammatory because of the phytochemical resveratrol levels. It has also been said they could help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s, hepatitis c, uti’s , and lowering cholesterol, they’re just really good for you!

So last weekend we went to Sugarhill Farm and picked to our hearts content. They hooked us up with these little blueberry picking harnesses and buckets (really?) We had a blast! It was so beautiful and peaceful out in the field, listening to the birds and watching the butterfly’s fluttering around, not to mention the silly banter of my brother, Scott and his mother! We got lost in our picking and came away with about 3 buckets full! Of course we had to pretend we were dragging in, heavily laden with berries! I have to admit the harnesses were helpful you could use both hands to pick!  I can see why poet Robert Frost was inspired to write a poem entitled “Blueberries”

Ok now what to do with all these berries? Well we ate our share right off the bush and when we got home we washed them and dried them and we juiced some and froze some. I have made a blueberry crumb cake and blueberry turnovers. I made some delicious jam and next I want to make some muffins and maybe even some blueberry pancakes for the weekend. You would think I would be getting sick of blueberries but no…I think I might just have a glass of blueberry wine this evening!

Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Jam

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