Boston Bound!

Off we go into the wild blue yonder! Ok well not really. We are driving all the way up the east coast in a huge RV, destination Boston, Massachusetts. We have no idea what we are doing. I tend to be a nervous passenger anyway but especially when we are driving someone else’s $900,000 RV! This thing takes up the whole lane! I feel like I could reach out the window and touch the semi trucks that are passing, yikes! But hey we have technology and we know how to use it! So…we program our destination in the gps on our phone and we’re off!

Well maybe not so fast…our gps doesn’t realize we are quite a bit larger than a car and winds up getting us lost in downtown Washington, DC. “Make a U turn” it keeps calmly saying. It’s not that easy to make a U turn in a 45 ft. long RV with tons of road construction, low bridges, and traffic! Ugh! Let me just say this RV was on some roads it should have never seen that day!  After about 45 stressful minutes of being lost we are finally getting back on track. Things are looking good until I look up and off in the distance I see the scariest looking bridge I had ever seen. This was The Francis Scott Key bridge, it is narrow and high! I couldn’t do this. Not today. Not after being lost for almost an hour. I have no choice! We must go on! I sat on the floor, held my breath, and looked at my iPad until we had crossed! We made it! We were finally back on the highway things were looking up…to be continued

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