Food Fight!

Ok so as I mentioned before I have had a love/hate relationship with food basically all my life. I remember always being chubby as a kid, not terribly fat but never thin either. I always loved food and was never a picky eater. I think I knew how much cooking meant to my Mom so I never wanted to disappoint her and I always cleaned my plate! And as I said before what she made was good! The best food, lasagna, stews, soups, apple pie, we even used to get a bunch of my friends together to pull taffy! My mom made amazing sourdough bread, she made cannolis everything from scratch of course. The most delicious stuff you can think of! So how do you watch your weight? You watch it go up is what you do!

How could it be wrong? Delicious food lovingly prepared. Eat it up! My weight was a constant struggle, always self conscience, always wanting to keep mom happy, unhappy with the way I looked. Always active and athletic I wanted to look that way. The battle rages on. I love to cook amazing food but don’t want to eat, what! Crazy I know!

Feeding people is one of the greatest ways of nurturing them. It is very satisfying to cook something wonderful and have people truly enjoy it.  And after many, many years I think I might have a clue…I think I am learning to nurture myself by making healthy food fabulous and only eating small amounts of absolutely delicious food. I will let you know how it goes.

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